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Hi, I'm Biz. The nickname is a long story, but I've had it my whole life. I live in Florida now, but I'm originally from Wisconsin. Yes, there are lots of cows. No, not everyone lives on farm. There are occasional towns in between the trees and fields, believe it or not. We left to get away from the cold, and found the mother of all things hot and sweaty. I'm enjoying my time in Florida. The beach is my favorite place so far. 

Bizzy Crochet was started somewhere around 2005. I'm still a little fuzzy on the exact time. My daughter was going through chemotherapy for Leukemia, and I was feeling overwhelmed by the generosity of others. I wanted to "give back" somehow, but funds were limited. The only thing I knew how to do was crochet. I started donating boxes of baby hats, and blankets, and preemie clothes, and toys to the hospital that was treating my daughter. 

Somewhere in this fuzzy time, I opened a yarn store in our small town. I loved every minute of it. I got to shop for yarn all the time. Honestly, who could ask for a better job? While I owned my shop, my kids were growing up and liking new things. My son was into Pokemon, and my daughter was into American Girl. Those were the two toy lines that got me into serious toy designing. Since then it has been a journey of pure joy and creativity.

So far, I have put out more than 50 patterns, most of them free. I believe it is important to give, and sow into people's lives. I believe in the Word of God when it says that "what I sow, so shall I reap". 

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